Business Development


Small, medium-sized manufactures and multinationals

The majority of our clients are small to medium-sized manufacturers although even multinationals use Export Demand to build new business and find new partners. Our group has also worked with multinationals such as ABB, Alfa Laval and Siemens.

Our success is based on 30 years of Export Business Development experience, knowledge and hard work at factory level, utilizing industry specific staff to create actual turnover for your company.

Optimum Growth With Maximum Efficiency

Over thirty years combined experience of developing Export Demand worldwide, specialized in emerging markets and fast paced growing economies. The Export Demand Team consists of Project Directors, Consultants, Researchers and joint venture partners. Together we have over thirty years of experience in developing business throughout Export Markets.

The Export Demand Group increasing turnover in your chosen export markets

The leading industrial manufacturers rely on the Export Demand Group to successfully increase their turnover or build local infrastructure in the specifically chosen Export Market. Our success comes from continuous hard work at factory level, detailed knowledge of the local markets and a proven skill in identifying and targeting Key Buyers and Local Partners. Our consultants understand precisely the applications of our clients’ technology and solutions within the marketplace. As a result, the Export Demand Group has the capacity to identify and generate strong business enquiries from buyers in Russia, Eastern Europe, Europe, Scandinavia, Asia and China while providing the adequate support to ensure that each client can successfully convert the enquiries into concrete business.