Project Work

Project Work

At export growth our goal is not just to generate an enquiry for your technology, our expertise lies in first identifying the right buyer or local partner. We then provide on the ground local project work to ensure you can convert that enquiry into actual turnover.

Welding Automation Project

This particular client cannot actually be defined as a manufacturer. They are essentially a Welding Automation Solution Provider. Everything they produce is specifically manufactured according to the clients specification. Here you can see a customer has a particular welding task that needs improving. Our client manufactured a tailor made solution involving both hardware and software to boost productivity and save revenue by reducing downtime.

Industrial Engineering Project

This clients Tool Changer provides the necessary advanced flexibility to automatically change end-effectors or other peripheral tooling. The tool changers are designed to operate at maximum efficiency for millions of cycles at rated load while maintaining high reputability. These Tool Changers have become the number-one tool changer of choice around the world. Covering the widest range of applications, from very small payloads to heavy payload applications requiring significantly large moment capacity.

Our product focus for 2023

  • Palletizing and Wrapping Solutions
  • Food and Beverage Technology
  • Hydraulics
  • Milling and Machining
  • Robotics Automation
  • Industrial Engineering

Export Growth Project Work

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