Our Expertise

Our Expertise

Our Expertise1

Increase Export

We increase export for Small to Medium sized Industrial Manufacturers
Our Expertise2

Custom Programs

We apply a tailor made program for each of our clients
Our Expertise3

Continuous Service

Our clients benefit from continuous service from our London based staff and Locally Based Research Teams
Our Expertise4

Close Relationships

Working closely with each client to launch their business, developing export turnover and enhancing business
  • To increase Export for Small to Medium Sized Industrial Manufacturers.
  • Customer education on client's technology
  • A tailor made industry specific project for each of our clients.
  • 12 month business Development from our Locally Based Research Teams and London based staff.
  • Working on the ground at a local level with each client to identify buyers.
  • Buyer qualification.
  • Developing export turnover and enhancing business.