Funded Companies

Funded Companies

We qualify your Key Buyers ensuring that adequate funds are available to purchase your technology.

We know who serious buyers and partners are - Do you?

Local partners are thoroughly qualified and must prove that they have the relevant expertise and an existing end user relationships. We know who the serious companies and serious partners are, do you?

Sell to funded companies with adequate financial resources

Trying to sell to buyers that do not have adequate funds to purchase your technology is a constant frustration faced by West European companies while doing business in Russia, East Europe, Central Europe, Asia and China.

Many of our clients deliver specialised high-end niche industrial technology and winning orders can involve long labour intensive quotations. It is our job to ensure that they maximize their time by dealing only with companies that have the ability to purchase at their specific price point. For example, we have a Swiss client whose Titanium Heat Exchangers are probably the highest priced available solution on the market. We provide him with enquiries from the upper end of the market where price is not a factor and customers are looking for quality they are unable to find locally.

The Export Demand Project has integral contacts and networking in Europe, Brussels. Investigating and researching at Government level to ensure that all contacts, buyers and partners provided have the financial power to purchase the Technology they need.

Know exactly when and where funding is placed

We know exactly where and when funding is placed across most export markets. We also have the facility to credit check. Winning Lucrative Government contracts is a complex business. Tenders are often released and the provider of the technology needed has already been agreed behind closed doors. Therefore, It is vital for manufacturers to consult within the Tender process in order to win such export contracts.