Western Technology

Western Technology

Bringing state of the art Western Technology to Export Markets requires expertise and a good knowledge of the Local Markets.

The secret of our success is that we will only represent one technology leader in each product area. This chosen company we present exclusively as our preferred supplier to local partners and key buyers.

Whether you are selling to a direct customer or an OEM or selling licensed technology, our staff have local market knowledge and industry specific expertise to guarantee results.

The Leading Manufacturers in each specific Industrial Sector

The Export Demand Group is the frontrunner in terms of Products, Services, Quality technology and Advanced software. Our West European manufacturers are the Leaders in each specific Industrial Sector. Selection criteria is based on the quality of the manufacturing process not the size of the organisation. We handpick our Western manufacturers ensuring the clients presented have a total ability to handle the demands of your fast-paced manufacturing.

Our small to medium size SMEs clients successfully compete with Multinationals

Most Export Demand Group clients are small to medium size SMEs who are successfully competing with Multinationals. If you are a Key buyer, an importer, a contractor, specifier, service provider or a local Partner looking for a joint-venture we look forward to hearing from you. The Export Demand Group has the right industrial partner for you.

Find the best possible manufacturer with the right technical expertise

If you are looking to purchase any specific industrial product or industrial machine, we have the best manufacturer for you. Please fill in the Product Enquiry Form below and our Project Consultant will respond within a 24 hour period.

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