Toyota expanse export to Eastern Europe and Russia

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Toyota expanse export to Eastern Europe and Russia

Kentucky Toyota branch started exports to Russia and Ukraine from the US Kentucky manufacturing Plant.

Toyota intends to export 5,000 Venza crossover SUV’s from Kentucky in the first year.

“There’s growing market demand for crossover-style vehicles in these countries and Venza gives us an opportunity to fulfill that need”, said a spokesperson about the East Europe Market.

The Russia Federation became a WTO member in 2012 and the imported car tariffs were dropped immediately.

However, the Russian government told that it will introduce a new vehicle tax, which the carmakers importers have to pay up-front and it equivalent to 5% of the sales price of the car.

“Venza was launched in the US several years ago and some engineering changes needed to be made to support the unique requirements of the Russia and Ukrainian markets”.

“We are proud that Toyota’s U.S. manufacturing operations are continuing to grow as a key supplier of vehicles for global markets, which is only possible thanks to the dedication and high-quality work of our team members here,” said Shigeki Terashi, president and COO of Toyota Motor North America, Inc.

“We expect the export of Venza vehicles to Russia and Ukraine will help further solidify our U.S. manufacturing base.” he added.

This automotive growth in Russia and Ukraine intends to increase to a further 10 million models by 2020.